Persistence, impacts and environmental drivers of covert infections in invertebrate hosts.

  • Ines Sequeira De Brito Fontes The Natural History Museum, London (Creator)
  • Hanna Hartikainen (Creator)
  • Chris Williams (Creator)
  • B Okamura (Creator)
  • Christopher John Secombes (Data Manager)



Additional file 1: Table S1. Site locations. (DOCX 12 kb)

Additional file 2: Table S2. Environmental variables data. (DOCX 14 kb)

Additional file 3: Detailed CTAB protocol including modifications to the original protocol. (DOCX 18 kb)

Additional file 4: Figure S1. Water temperature. Temperature measurements over 12 months according to the 8 sampling trips every 45 days for each river. (TIFF 235 kb)

Additional file 5: Table S3. Water flow data. (DOCX 13 kb)

Additional file 6: Figure S2. PCA plot. Principal components analysis (PCA) scores for environmental variables. Ellipses are normal contour lines with probability of 68% done by cluster analysis of rivers. Data points for each river are coloured by sampling trip (River Avon: 5th trip - 18/04/12; 6th trip - 11/06/12; 7th trip - 18/07/12; 8th trip - 29/08/12; River Dun: 5th trip - 23/04/12; 6th trip - 06/06/12; 7th trip - 23/07/12; 8th trip - 05/09/12). Variables with vectors pointing in the same direction have similar responses. Points that are close together correspond to observations that have similar scores on the components. PC1 explains 56.0% of the variation. PC2 explains 25.4% of the variance. (TIFF 1262 kb)

Additional file 7: Table S4. Summary of PCA analysis on environmental variables. (DOCX 13 kb)

Additional file 8: Table S5. Colony infection intensity. (DOCX 13 kb)
Date made available1 Dec 2017
PublisherDryad Digital Repository

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  • Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)
  • NE/019227/1

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