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  • 2021

    DC-DC converters in HVDC grids and for connections to HVDC systems: CIGRE technical brochure 827

    Jovcic, D., Darbandi, A., Robinson, J., Ferrer, R., Guillaud, X., JUNYENT-FERRE, A., Nami Abb, A., Meridiji, T., Kish, G., Woodford, D., Gomis, O., Dworakowski, P., Jamshidifar, A., Bongiorno, M. & Saeedifard, M., 1 Mar 2021, CIGRE. 196 p.

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  • 2018

    Towards Modernising Data Collection and Archive for the Tor Network

    Learmonth, I. & Loesing, K., 19 Dec 2018, Tor Tech Reports. 26 p.

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    Open Access
  • 2017

    Glastir Monitoring Evaluation Programme. Final report

    Emmett, B. E., Abdalla, M., Anthony, S., Astbury, S., August, T., Barrett, G., Beckmann, B., Biggs, J., Botham, M., Bradley, D., Brown, M., Burden, A., Carter, H., Chadwick, D., Cigna, F., Collier, R., Cooper, D., Cooper, J., Cosby, B. J., Creer, S. & 90 others, Cross, P., Dadam, D., Edwards, F., Edwards, M., Evans, C., Ewald, N., Fitton, A., Garbutt, A., Giampieri, C., Gooday, R., Grebby, S., Greene, S., Halfpenney, I., Hall, J., Harrison, S., Harrower, C., Henrys, P., Hobson, R., Hughes, P., Hughes, S., Illian, J., Isaac, N., Jackson, B., Jarvis, S., Jones, D. L., Jones, P., Keith, A., Kelly, M., Kneebone, N., Korenko, J., Lallias, D., Leaver, D., Robinson, I., Malcolm, H., Maskell, L., McDonald, J., Moxley, J., Norton, L., O'Hare, M., Oliver, T., Owen, A., Parkhill, K. A., Pereira, M., Peyton, J., Pogson, M., Powney, G., Pritchard, N., Prochorskaite, A., Prosser, M., Pywell, R., Rawlins, B., Reuland, O., Richards, M., Robinson, D. A., Rorke, S., Rowland, C., Roy, D., Scarlett, P., Scholefield, P., Scott, A., Scott, L., Scott, R., Sharps, K., Siriwardena, G., Smart, S., Smith, G., Smith, P., Stopps, J., Swetnam, R., Taft, H., Taylor, R., Tebbs, E., Thomas, A., Todd-Jones, C., Tordoff, G., Turner, G., Breda, J. V., Vincent, H., Wagner, M., Waters, E., Walker-Springett, K., Wallace, H., Watkins, J., Webb, G., White, J., Whitworth, E., Williams, B., Williams, P., Wood, C. & Wright, S., 1 Jul 2017, Bangor, UK: NERC/Centre for Ecology Hydrology.

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  • Adding Value to Carbon Capture

    Morrison, Z. J., Imbabi, M. S-E. & Glasser, F., 22 Feb 2017, Scottish Carbon Capture Group.

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  • 2009

    Phase equilibria of glycol-natural gas systems (PhD Dissertation)

    Afzal, W., 2009, MINES ParisTech. 140 p.

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  • 2006

    Predict and decide: Aviation, climate change and UK policy

    Cairns, S., Newson, C., Boardman, B. & Anable, J., Sep 2006, Oxford, United Kingdom: Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford. 122 p. (ECI Research Report; no. 33)

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