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Towards Autonomous Robotic Systems: 19th Annual Conference, TAROS 2018, Bristol, UK July 25-27, 2018, Proceedings

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Biological Wastewater Treatment Processes: Mass and Heat Balances

Dionisi, D., 31 Jan 2017, CRC Press. 467 p.

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Aplicação de VBA Nos Fundamentos da Engenharia de Petróleos

Translated title of the contribution: VBA Application In the Basics of Petroleum EngineeringRamos, G. A. R., Aug 2016, 1ª ed. Angola: Mayamba Editora. 339 p.

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Indústria do Gás Natural - Fundamentos

Translated title of the contribution: Natural Gas Industry - FundamentalsRamos, G. A. R., Aug 2016, 1ª ed. Angola: Mayamba Editora. 147 p.

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Remoção da Água e Optimização do Desempenho do Reservatório de Hunton

Translated title of the contribution: Water Removal and Optimization of Hunton Reservoir PerformanceRamos, G. A. R., Aug 2016, 1ª ed. Angola: Mayamba Editora. 110 p.

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High Voltage Direct Current Transmission: Converters, Systems and DC Grids

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Intelligent Power Management Strategy for A Hospital Power System

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Mechanics of Finite Deformation and Fracture

Aleyaasin, M., Oct 2015, Apple Academic Press. 290 p.

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Digital Holography and Wavefront Sensing: Principles, Techniques and Applications

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Corrosion and Materials in the Oil and Gas Industries

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Mechanics and Electrodynamics of Magneto- and Electro-elastic Materials

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Dictionary of Fire Protection Engineering

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Biomechanical Modelling at the Molecular, Cellular and Tissue Levels

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Numerical Exercises in Heat Transfer in a Hydrocarbon Safety Paradigm

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Hydrocarbon Process Safety: A Text for Students and Professionals

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Impact of stimulated Raman scattering in high-speed long-distance transmission lines

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Numerical Methods

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