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    Earth and planetary sciences. Multi-disciplinary research with emphasis on the ground and space-borne instrumentation, and mainly focused on remote sensing, radiation, atmospheric studies, and planetary exploration and research.

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    • 2018

      Life Beyond the Solar System: Remotely Detectable Biosignatures

      Domagal-Goldman, S., Kiang, N. Y., Parenteau, N., Kamakolanu, U. G., Finster, K., Martin-Torres, J., Danielache, S. O., DasSarma, P., Tamura, M., Hori, Y., Rugheimer, S., Hartnett, H. E., Stockwell, B. R., Vazan, A., Hu, R., Cronin, L., Méndez, A., Smith, H. B., Demergasso, C., Meadows, V. S. & 83 others, Blank, D. L., Grenfell, J. L., Kane, S. R., Gavilan, L., Tan, G., Plavchan, P., Fauchez, T. J., Patty, C. H. L., Telesco, C., Shkolnik, E., Lyons, T. W., Owens, J. D., Lopez-Morales, M., Lustig-Yaeger, J., ten Kate, I. L., Banerjee, S., Sohl, L. E., Gao, P., Lopez, E. D., Corkrey, R., Molaverdikhani, K., Deming, D., Dong, C., John M., OM., Kite, E. S., Rogers, L., Robinson, T. D., Tanner, A., Cleaves H. James, II., Cahoy, K., Walker, S. I., Caldwell, D. A., Dressing, C. D., Ngo, H., Cochran, W. D., Cadillo-Quiroz, H., Blecic, J., Laine, P., Solmaz, A., Ramirez, K. L., Theiling, B. P., Dodson-Robinson, S., Zimmermann, N., Line, M. R., Marchis, F., Redfield, S., Pahlevan, K., Walkowicz, L. M., Gaudi, B. S., Curry, S. M., Pidhorodetska, D., Pyo, T-S., Chopra, A., Hinkel, N., Young, P. A., Angerhausen, D., Apai, D., Arney, G., Airapetian, V. S., Batalha, N. M., Catling, D. C., Cockell, C. S., Deitrick, R., Del Genio, A., Fisher, T., Fujii, Y., Gelino, D. M., Harman, C. E., Hegde, S., Kaçar, B., Krissansen-Totten, J., Lenardic, A., Mandt, K. E., Moore, W. B., Narita, N., Olson, S. L., Palle, E., Rauer, H., Reinhard, C. T., Roberge, A., Schneider, J., Siegler, N. & Stapelfeldt, K. R., 20 Jan 2018, (Submitted) ArXiv, 6 p.

      Research output: Working paper