Application of a Fractional Order Integral Resonant Control to increase the achievable bandwidth of a nanopositioner

Andres San-Millan, Vicente Feliu-Batlle, Sumeet S Aphale

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This paper proposes a Fractional-order modification of the traditional Integral Resonant Controller named as FIRC. The fractional integral action utilised in the proposed FIRC is a simple, robust, and well-performing technique for vibration control in smart structures with collocated sensor-actuator pairs such as nanopositioning stages. The proposed control scheme is robust in the sense of being insensitive to spillover dynamics and maintaining closed-loop stability even in the presence of model inaccuracies or time-delays in the system. The experimental and simulated results have showed that the proposed FIRC can provide a closed-loop bandwidth which spans up to a 95.2% of the first resonant mode of the experimental system, thus improving the bandwidth achieved by classical integer-order IRC implementations.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publication20th IFAC World Congress
EditorsDenis Dochain, Didier Henrion, Dimitri Peaucelle
Number of pages6
Publication statusPublished - 27 Jul 2017
Event20th IFAC World Congress - Toulouse, France
Duration: 9 Jul 201714 Jul 2017

Publication series

ISSN (Electronic)2405-8963


Conference20th IFAC World Congress


  • fractional-order control
  • smart structures
  • piezoelectric actuators
  • strain gauges
  • robust control

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