Detection of halogenated tryramine and tyrosine derivatives in extracts of Algoa Bay ascidians

C. L. Bromley, A. Raab, D. Beukes, J. Feldmann, M. Jaspars, M. T. Davies-Coleman

Research output: Contribution to journalAbstractpeer-review


he crude organic extracts of ascidian species collected from Algoa Bay, South Africa were analysed using liquid chromatography with parallel inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry/electrospray mass spectrometry (LC-ICP-MS/ESI-MS). The data obtained was used to detect a number of brominated and iodinated tyramine and tyrosine derivatives with in the ascidian extracts establishing this method as a powerful tool for the dereplication of halogenated metabolites in complex mixtures.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)914
Number of pages1
JournalPlanta Medica
Issue number11
Publication statusPublished - Jul 2015
EventAnnual Meeting of the American-Society-of-Pharmacognosy - , Colombia
Duration: 25 Jul 201529 Jul 2015


  • Halogenated tryamine
  • Tyrosine derivatives
  • Algoa Bay
  • Asicdian species

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