'Initium Calamitatis Regni'? John Casimir and Monarchical Power in Poland-Lithuania, 1648-68

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The article considers the reputation of John Casimir Vasa, king of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania (ruled 1648-1668), and challenges negative interpretations of his political abilities and his reign based on hostile contemporary accounts. The article argues for a reinterpretation of the king. It was a preliminary exploration of ideas that were further developed in the book After the Deluge (1993) and the article 'The Ethiopian and the Elephant', on John Casimir and his relationship to his wife, Louise Marie Gonzaga
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JournalEuropean History Quarterly
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Publication statusPublished - 1 Apr 1986



  • Poland-Lithuania
  • John Casimir Vasa
  • Monarchy in Poland-Lithuania
  • Parliamentary Monarchy
  • Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

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