Nitrate and nitrite in biology, nutrition and therapeutics

Jon O. Lundberg, Mark T. Gladwin, Amrita Ahluwalia, Nigel Benjamin, Nathan S. Bryan, Anthony Butler, Pedro Cabrales, Angela Fago, Martin Feelisch, Peter C. Ford, Andrew Freeman, Michael Frenneaux, Joel Friedman, Malte Kelm, Christopher G. Kevil, Daniel B. Kim-Shapiro, Andrey V. Kozlov, Jack R. Lancaster, David J. Lefer, Kenneth McCollKenneth McCurry, Rakesh P. Patel, Joel Petersson, Tienush Rassaf, Valentin P. Reutov, George B. Richter-Addo, Alan Schechter, Sruti Shiva, Koichiro Tsuchiya, Ernst E. van Faassen, Andrew J. Webb, Brian S. Zuckerbraun, Jay L. Zweier, Eddie Weitzberg

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Inorganic nitrate and nitrite from endogenous or dietary sources are metabolized in vivo to nitric oxide (NO) and other bioactive nitrogen oxides. The nitrate-nitrite-NO pathway is emerging as an important mediator of blood flow regulation, cell signaling, energetics and tissue responses to hypoxia. The latest advances in our understanding of the biochemistry, physiology and therapeutics of nitrate, nitrite and NO were discussed during a recent 2-day meeting at the Nobel Forum, Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)865-869
Number of pages5
JournalNature Chemical Biology
Issue number12
Publication statusPublished - Dec 2009


  • ischemia-reperfusion injury
  • dietary nitrate
  • reductase-activity
  • blood-pressure
  • oxide production
  • humans
  • deoxyhemoglobin
  • hemoglobin
  • physiology
  • tolerance


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